DNA Dental Supplies Inc. Account Executive Business Card 2017
At DNA Specialty, Compton CA,  I was faced with the challenge of branding the company’s dental division. Management was adamant about keep the original logo; nevertheless, I believe it is through restrictions and limitations rather than freedom that creative individuals can find beautiful solutions. I focused my attention on consistency of shapes, patterns and colors to keep the brand’s aesthetic consistent. 
DNA Dental Supplies Inc. 2017 Brand Guide
Our team focused heavily on print advertising; catalogues, flyers and business cards.. The following dental catalogue is 64 pages; printed on the lightest non-glossy paper our printer could supply. Attention to photography, retouching and editing were crucial but designing the Table of Contents proved to be the most daunting task due to my very limited understanding of dental equipment, luckily the dental experts I worked with were of great help.
 DNA Dental Catalogue 2017
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